This Drive-By Puking Is The Perfect Encounter Between Two Drunk Guys (Video)

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Nowadays, basically everyone is walking around with a video camera capable of recording life in a higher definition than most of life should be recorded in, and we are not shy about pulling out our phones to capture as much as possible (even if it doesn’t deserve to be captured in the first place).

A guy shoving his fingers down his throat in an attempt to vomit on the sidewalk is one of those things, but an unexpected addition to the equation makes this worth every single kilobyte.

I could only understand half of what the guy in the passenger seat said, but I think it boiled down to this: “I am very intoxicated right now and would not like to be recorded. Also, do you have any beer?”

Finally, we should be on the lookout for an impending alien invasion occurring some time over the next few days because I’m pretty sure that was Edgar The Bug from “Men in Black.”

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