Kid Comes Home To Dad Swinging From A Motorcycle He Tied To A Tree (Video)

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We can all only hope that as we become older, we retain some of our youthful, fun-loving personalities.

It can be easy to get bogged down by work and the drama of daily life, but aging doesn’t have to mean becoming boring.

This dad proves that. In the video — posted on YouTube by user Yosip1115, who wrote “I come home and my dad is doing this I swear he’s a child” — a carefree father can be seen swinging from tree on a motorcycle-turned-swing in Burrillville, RI.

Yes, the stunt is dangerous and could easily end horribly — but judging from his whoops and gleeful shouts, this dad is having the time of his life.

Sometimes you just have to let loose.

See the creative swing mechanism in motion in the video above.

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