Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level Two Nivel Dos

Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level Two Nivel DosClick Image To Visit SiteWho else is sick and tired of being stuck on a plateau and not being able to take their Spanish-speaking skills to the Next Level?

If You answered "Sí" to the above question, and you are on a beginner level approaching intermediate level or if you are already on an intermediate level and you are looking to take your Spanish-speaking skills to the Next Level, this may be the most important letter that you’ll ever read. Keep reading to find out why . . .

The above picture is the complete Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Dos CD Package — Specifically Designed to take Your Spanish Speaking Skills to the Next Level.

The most important thing that I want Nivel Dos to do for you is take your Spanish to the Next Level. And I promise you that it will. But in order to make sure that I can deliver on this promise to you, the LSLC team had to put in a lot of work in Level 2. Not just weeks or months of work. But two years worth of work.

I had the task of playing the role of the "student" during the editing of the lessons. I had the painstaking task of going through each and every line on each and every lesson with the recording engineer. With precision, I had to simulate the response that an intermediate level student would make — in order to make certain that the spacing or time for the student to respond was not too short and not too long — but was just right.

I did this with every lesson — including the Bonus lessons — not once, not twice, not thrice. But at least 5 or 6 times per lesson. And in some cases as many as 8 or 9 times per lesson.

This meticulous task could NOT be delegated to one of the native Spanish speakers on the LSLC team. I tried it before but the native Spanish speakers would always make their response much quicker than the native English-speaking student.

Only a native English speaker — such as myself — that has struggled to learn Spanish would know if the spacing or time for the student to respond was just right or not. I insisted on personally doing it. It was the only way that I could be absolutely certain that the time for the student to respond to the narrator’s commands was perfect.

And so far I have only told you about what it took to create the main section of LSLC Nivel Dos. . . .

You also get NOT ONE but TWO BONUS sections and a BONUS DVD with Nivel Dos. (if you chose to order the downloadable version, you’ll get the same video content that’s on the Bonus DVD by download.)

As you can see months or years of work went in to developing Nivel Dos for you. I wish that I could take credit for the work. But I really can’t.

That’s because besides assuring that the time for the student to… Read more…

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