Community Post: How To Become A Future “Trophy” Husband

1. Act cute, then ask for help, always.

Asking for help saves time, and sometimes, money. Also, smiles are your best weapon. Use wisely.

2. Become a servant leader.

Acts of service are a form of love, sometimes the greatest kind. It doesn’t hurt your cause to have either a catchphrase, or at least really nice hair, too.

3. MAN UP!

Nobody wants a wimp. Be bold and courageous. Notice how Kristoff is able to hold a conversation, while wowing Anna with his bravery. She has no chance, but to fall in love.

4. Support your partner through the ups and downs.

Remember life is the greatest adventure.

5. Faithfully protect the homestead.

Patience is a virtue. Rory guarded Amy for 2000 years, without complaining. BE PRO!

6. Most importantly, be a good father.

During the hardest day of his life, George fixes Zuzu’s flower.

7. Finally, plan ahead.

Good luck, my fellow brethren.

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