Community Post: Happy Maybe-Birthday To Janice Dickinson

1. When is Janice Dickinson’s birthday? Google says February 15, 1955, which would mean this year she’s turning 58.

2. But according to Wikipedia, that’s up for debate.

3. As a member of the age-obsessed fashion industry, Dickinson doesn’t like to talk about her age a lot.

“When I was just eighteen months old, in 1957, the family moved from Brooklyn to Florida,” Dickinson wrote in her autobiography, published in 2002. So assuming that February 15 is her actual birthday, that would put the year of her birthday as 1956, meaning she’s turning 57 this year.

4. In this video from 1981, she said she was 24.

Which would mean she was born in 1957. Except that in this interview, she was talking about how competitive the modeling world was and how young models were, which would give her good reason to lie about her age.

5. Dickinson made several mentions to her age when she was a contestant on “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”

According to Wikipedia: “In the first episode of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here! on November 12, 2007, Dickinson stated her age as 53. 1954 would be more accurate, but her age at time of high school graduation is as yet unknown. In the eighth episode of the same series, she said, ‘I waited until I was 32 to get married.’”

6. A transcript of her “E! True Hollywood” episode claims her birthday is February 17, 1955.

7. A New York Time article from 2005 describes her celebrating her birthday, but without indicating what age she was turning.

FilmMagic/Carley Margolis / Getty Images

Also this party was in June for some reason.

8. According to this copy of her driver’s license, February 15, 1955 is the accurate date.

9. The Associated Press agrees.

10. Whatever her age, Janice is still just as fierce as when she posed with a cheetah.

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