5,000 Scrapbook Titles and Quotes – Give Your Page A Lasting Expression!

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5,000 Scrapbook Titles and Quotes - Give Your Page A Lasting Expression!Click Image To Visit SiteMy name is Terri Burritt, and this e-book is my tribute to the greatest passion in my life. It can be considered a "black book" of quotes and the "Rosetta stone" for inspiration. Each of us would keep it under our pillow when writing letters, snail mail, cards, and dedications. Even some writers have appreciated the previous editions of this e-book as a ‘powerful time saver’. The aim of this e-book is not just to give you useful suggestions on how to entitle your scrapbook pages, but to be your best ally in the whole process.

It took me months to create this definitive journaling resource for Scrapbookers: as you will see progressing through the e-book, a broad selection of quotes and sayings is available for quickly and timely consultation. This is important, especially when you do Scrapbooking projects for other people and you have to meet the criteria your client may assign to you.

"I do a lot of Scrapbooking and love it. But the Lasting Expressions Scrapbook Quotes e-book has helped me to express my ideas in so many areas. Anything you need an idea for this book has it. I have shared it with many other Scrapbookers and also other crafters. My sister plans to use it for ideas for making Christmas cards. There are just endless uses for this book. I am happy I purchased it and know others will be also." Deb K. – Ohio

"What an absolute gem of scrapping ideas. I am an avid scrapper but really battle when it comes to doing the journal bit. These sayings/expressions are priceless and so many of them! I have and will recommended this amazing website to all my friends. Thank You!!" Cheryl N. – South Africa

This is exactly the same e-book that has helped me make interesting scrapbooks with plenty of catchy headlines, brilliant comments and meaningful metaphors all ready to be included in your scrapbook in two seconds broke.

If Scrapbooking for you is an amazing new hobby or your favorite way to spend free time, then congratulations: it is, by far, the best way to renew deep feelings which bond us to our most valuable memories.

The recipe for a great scrapbook is to have great headlines and great pictures mixed together. In my earliest Scrapbooking attempts, I used to collect and paste in several pictures with few explanatory comments, and I didn’t love my final results. Then I’ve asked myself if I were missing any ingredients to create greatly expressive scrapbooks?

After reading some books, having spent some days mumbling and thinking, in the end I’ve become able to frame my hideous problem. It may surprise you, but it has proven so true that I started getting terrific results right after including these ‘magic ingredients’ in my scrapbooks…

* Since we quit making the “paper books” and no longer offer that as an option, we have allowed you to print out the downloaded e-book onto paper… Read more…

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