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Home Acting CourseClick Image To Visit SiteGain a solid acting base from home. Learn acting techniques, methods and theories thoroughly, in your own time to gain the best possible foundation for your acting career! Yes, you do need classes and experience, BUT first you need a SOLID platform upon which to build. Get it Now!

"Get a SOLID Acting Foundation at Home that you can build on FOREVER, in your own time, during Acting Classes and while working as a Professional Actor"

I have been coaching actors for the last twenty years and one thing that I know is Most acting courses are aimed at the masses, they have to be, to be economically viable. Fifteen, twenty, thirty in a class, maybe three hours per week, if you’re lucky. You are one of the mob.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with acting classes, I encourage them. BUT, the TRUTH is there is not enough time in 99% of courses for you to truly reach your full potential, to get the attention that you need. This foundation Home Acting Course, the ‘Carne Method’, gives you the competitive edge, an unfair advantage over the others.

I have met so many actors who have done classes for years and NEVER solidified their own way of working. NEVER got the foundation they really needed.

If you have been involved in acting classes in the past ask yourself these questions. “Do I really have a solid acting foundation that I fully understand, that I use and that works well for me? Have my past classes really pushed me towards gaining that complete foundation with the end in sight? Is it just class after class, year after year? How many more classes do I have to do before I have a solid foundation that works for me? One term? Two terms? Years??? Am I continually crossing my fingers hoping that this next course will deliver? Am I prepared to risk money on another class with no guarantees that could see another stream of ideas that don’t fit into a cohesive way of working? Am I really ready for my big break!?

As a teacher in my own studio some of the most common complaints I hear from new students about their previous classes are:

The ‘Carne Method’ is 100% information. No time wasting, no late students holding YOU back, just you and your potential! Don’t allow other people to dictate whether you succeed or not, TAKE CONTROL!

At the age of five I started pestering my parents to do acting, there were kids my age on TV so why not me? Finally, aged 9, they relented and let me join a theatre group that held around 9 performances annually. At last I was on the stage! My next task was to become involved in actual classes where I could learn the skills necessary to fulfill my dreams. It wasn’t long before I had joined a Talent School and my tuition in Singing, Dancing and… Read more…

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