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The Motor Oil Bible eBookClick Image To Visit SiteI believe The Motor Oil Bible is an absolute essential for every vehicle owner. You simply won’t find a more complete yet easy to understand resource for learning all you need to know about lubes & filters. David Mann – Lubrication Specialist & OEM Engineer

No ONE OIL TYPE OR BRAND can ever be right for everyone. So, instead of TELLING you which oil you should use, I’m going to teach you how YOU CAN KNOW which oil and filter is right for YOUR vehicles and equipment.

"The Motor Oil Bible" was originally written about 15 years ago and has been updated a couple of times since. The previous update was about 170 pages long, but is now nearly 10 years old and quite outdated.

This latest update and expansion adds nearly 200 pages of additional content to the book, with updates to the rest. Literally, thousands of hours of research, experience and writing have gone into this latest volume.

This latest updated is ONLY AVAILABLE HERE at or through as a paperback version.

In fact, I’m going to tell you below just exactly what information is contained in the pages of "The Motor Oil Bible", but, keep reading, because I’m also going to show you how reading this one simple book could quite possibly save you over $4,000 EVERY SINGLE YEAR on your vehicle expenses.

Of course, you might be thinking to yourself, "I don’t even HAVE $4,000 in vehicle expenses each year", but, chances are YOU’RE WRONG, and I’ll explain to you why I believe that, but you’ll have to keep reading.

Viscosity is one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of motor oil lubrication. Many people "think" they understand viscosity but have fallen victim to alot of misconceptions. Many others struggle with knowing just what viscosity will really work best for THEIR vehicle and THEIR driving conditions, and asking their mechanic is often futile at best or misleading at worst.

Never again be unsure about what viscosity to use. You will understand motor oil viscosity backwards and forwards.

There are those that preach that synthetic is ALWAYS best no matter what because it offers better lubricating, cooling and protective qualities. There are also those that believe petroleum oil is plenty good enough and that synthetics are simply a waste of money. Neither is correct.

I am a firm believer in matching the lube to the application. Synthetic oils ARE higher quality lubes and DO offer significantly enhanced lubricity, cooling and protective qualities (and I will explain – IN DETAIL – exactly how and why that is) … BUT, synthetics are NOT the best option for every situation even though there ARE many people who could benefit from an upgrade in lubrication.

"The Motor Oil Bible" will make it abundantly clear to you whether synthetic lubricants will offer any significant value to YOUR application and YOUR situation. You will never again have to wonder if synthetic is REALLY better and if it’s right for you.

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