Hear A Comedian Explain Why We Shouldn't See A Photo Of A Topless Girl Next To The News

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There is a newspaper called The Sun in my home country of England that is famous for running photos of topless girls on page 3. Now there’s a campaign to get rid of it so that the newspaper is full of, you know … news.

But before I get a barrage of lads saying, “OMG getting rid of Page 3 is PC brigade gone mad sjfnerlfnergaaahhh!” — I am not anti-nudity. I’m just not cool with a culture where a pair of women’s breasts is placed alongside a story about the economic decline.

Anyway, all I’m asking is that you listen to Doc Brown’s argument. Oh, and — shock and horror! — he likes boobs.

Read more: http://upworthy.com/hear-a-comedian-explain-why-we-shouldnt-see-a-photo-of-a-topless-girl-next-to-the-news

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