Shipwreck, Treasure and Scuba Diving ebooks

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Shipwreck, Treasure and Scuba Diving ebooksClick Image To Visit SiteInformation on each title listed below. All instant downloadable products come with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Shipwreck Diving ebook The complete diver’s guide to mastering the skills of shipwreck diving.

WRECK VALLEY 3rd edition By Capt. Dan Berg A Record of Shipwrecks off Long Island’s South Shore and New Jersey.

The most comprehensive, accurate, illustrated collection of information, photographs, sketches and stories ever written about the shipwrecks that lie off Long Island, New York and New Jersey.


This New Fossil ebook is heavily illustrated with color photographs. Divers, fossil hunters, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history, diving, or fossils will surely find this ebook informative, fascinating and the perfect addition to their library

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WRECK VALLEY NY & NJ eBook only $9.95 A Record of Shipwrecks off Long Island’s South Shore and New Jersey.

WRECK VALLEY 3rd edition NY, NJ CT eBook only $16.95 A Record of Shipwrecks off Long Island’s South Shore and New Jersey.

Tropical Shipwrecks eBook only $9.95 The Diver’s guide to Shipwrecks of the Caribbean and Bahamas

Long Island Shore Diver eBook only $9.95 The Scuba Diver’s guide to Long Island NY Beach Diving.

Beach and Water Treasure Hunting with Metal Detectors A complete how to guide to discovering lost jewelry and coins from the sand and water. Includes sections on dry beach detecting, shallow surf, wading, scuba detecting and shipwreck diving. only $9.95

Fossil Diving Identification Guide ebook The Black Water River Diver’s guide to Identification of Fossil Shark Teeth, Fossils and Early Man Spear Points. only $9.95

Hunting ANTIQUE BOTTLES in the Marine Environment ebook The complete field guide for finding and identifying antique bottles. only $9.95 Read more…

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