How to Scrapbook, Scrapbooking Master Class with Irene Tan

How to Scrapbook, Scrapbooking Master Class with Irene TanClick Image To Visit Site"Do You Recognize any of These Things Being True Sometimes?" -You lack the confidence to learn or try new techniques in scrapbooking -You don’t know how to start or where to start a scrapbook Project -You find yourself at a loss for ideas or inspiration to scrap

By: Kimmo Hakonen, Award winning Designer / Artist Are these some of the reasons why you are stuck on a plateau, and you find that you’re not improving your scrapbooking skills? Believe me… I recognize these problems. I know the reasons, because I was once in the same position that you are now. But you know what? There is a solution… By the time you finish this letter, you will have started your journey to learning the scrapbooking skills of the pros. You will start learning how to set aside your fears and put your creativity into overdrive, and you will then be able to start creating gorgeous layouts like the scrapbook professionals. But first, let me share a quick story with you… It’s a story explaining the “art school method”: You see, students in art schools all over the world have made a habit of studying the works of the old masters, in the course of learning how to paint. They copy the masters’ works to be able to get closer to their souls and learn the techniques by heart… the use of colors, the composition, the use of light and shadows, and all the important aspects of painting. This practice of copying from the old masters also serves to demystify the techniques and develop the confidence of the art students. After all, being able to successfully recreate a masterpiece will do wonders to the student’s morale, and it makes the students believe that they, too, have the potential to be as good as the masters. Does this make sense so far? Now, this practice of copying from the old masters can also be applied to scrapbooking. Yes, it’s true… simply copying the work of a master is a very effective way of learning the skills to get you to the next level. Don’t get me wrong… I am not telling you to be a copycat of anybody. This strategy of copying from the masters is simply a way of getting the right tools and techniques that you need to improve your scrapbooking. Here’s what I mean by that… You need to learn the skills and be able to develop your own style in order to be a master scrapbooker yourself, and copying from another master is one of the best and most effective ways of learning. So are we clear on that? Copying is encouraged, as long as it is used as a tool to develop your skills, and not as a crutch that you always depend on when you want to scrapbook. Now, here’s the thing… I am going to introduce you to one of these master scrapbookers that I am talking about… Read more…

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