Italy From The Inside – The Definitive Survival Guide for Travelers – Italy Guide Book about Italian Culture

Italy From The Inside - The Definitive Survival Guide for Travelers - Italy Guide Book about Italian CultureClick Image To Visit SiteA native Italian reveals the secrets of traveling in Italy by Francesca Tosolini

So you’ve read all the guidebooks. You know where to go, what to see, and what to eat. But what about the everyday situations that leave non-Italians so perplexed?

With humor and plenty of "real life" photos, this handy volume will get you ready for your trip like no other guidebook can.

This eBook contains more than 350+ tips and 190+ original photos to help you navigate Europe’s classic destination like a local.

Italy from the Inside is a wonderful companion to any traveler. Packed with helpful tidbits on everything from navigating the grocery store to finding affordable and unusual accommodations, this eBook offers a fascinating and often humorous look at Italian life that is uncharacteristic of other travel guides. Whether you are planning your first trip to Italy or a seasoned traveler, you will feel like you have an Italian friend guiding you every step of the way as you explore this extraordinary corner of the world. Grazie, Francesca!

Italy From The Inside focuses on cultural insights and take-along info to make your trip high on enjoyment and low on frustration. Traditional travel guides are valuable resources to help you plan places to visit, to lodge and to eat. But if your goal is to visit Italy and don’t feel just like another tourist, then Italy From The Inside is for you.

Written by a travel-savvy Italian and enriched with 190+ original photographs of "real life" situations, this eBook will help you travel in Italy as if you’d lived there for years. Synchronize yourself with the Dolce Vita, avoid unnecessary cultural pitfalls, get ready to immerse yourself in a fulfilling travel experience that will make you feel like a local.

My husband and I will be visiting Italy and the book has already become an invaluable resource after one day.

This guide really IS definitive… I’ve never read anything that prepares a traveller better for a trip to Italy. Francesca gives up-to-date information and clear explanations of how to cope with every imaginable eventuality – if only I’d had this eBook when I first moved to Italy! It’s indispensable reading!

My wife and I travel to Italy once or twice a year … take only one piece of carry on luggage, ride the trains and buses only and try to get close to the culture and the people … I hope your book is getting a great response, I think it is a masterpiece … thanks

I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I loved your e-book! After the very simple checkout process, I downloaded it, and after reading just a few pages online, I printed it and had it bound to take with me on my upcoming trip to Italy. I have read no less than 10 of the big name "guide books" about Italy, and none of them had the detail and "hands on" usefulness of… Read more…

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