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(dup) Rest Sales Page — Rest TherapyClick Image To Visit SiteFeel profoundly relaxed for the first time and take your mind on vacation without needing to pop a pill, or book an expensive holiday.

Drift into a deep rejuvenating sleep, and wake up with more energy to face the day, without needing sleeping tablets or other nasty drugs and alcohol.

REST Therapy uses scientifically proven methods to give you razor like focus, boost I.Q and memory so you can be at peak mental performance.

Increased resistance to disease, ability to solve complex problems, and even higher intuitive powers are possible, without you having to spend hours meditating or taking drugs.

Many disorders are caused by an imbalance between the central nervous system and the senses.  This seems like common sense, yet many health providers insist on overcomplicating this core heath issue with layers of expensive, ineffective, and short-term therapies. Drug treatments and other remedies isolate symptoms rather than addressing the basic fundamental issues.  This approach results in unhealthy side affects and disintegration between mind and body.

Are you wasting time, money, and energy on treatments that only address the symptoms or that force you to rely on someone or something else to achieve results?

Here at REST Therapy there are no drugs, no gurus, and no overpriced services.  We offer cutting-edge tools that empower you to achieve optimal brain health with simple, profound, and pleasurable programs. The perfect marriage of sense and sensability.

The REST Therapy science team has created a breakthrough solution for achieving and maintaining optimal brain health by combining the best solutions in brain fitness with proven techniques from the top meditation programs in the world.

REST Therapy’s integrated programs empowers you to radically and naturally improve your personal health and wellness without drugs, major expenses, or dependence on others.

When you are faced with stress on a daily basis your stress response fails to shut off in a timely manner. As a result, your system becomes hyperactive or begins to burnout.  Hyperactive stress responses cause your system to remain in fight-or-flight mode for an extended period of time. Burnout inhibits both your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems from functioning properly.  Your body becomes out of balance, making your system less flexible and less able to effectively adapt to external demands.

“Neuron’s that fire together, wire together. REST Therapy is the best at enabling the central nervous system to naturally fire together.  With respect to the training of correct breathing and the activation of sustained relaxation response, the REST Therapy system distills thousands of years of wisdom into a user friendly program. Its positive effects are both immediate and profound."

This system mobilizes responses that enable “fight or flight” behaviors known as the stress response. When you are feeling anxious or stressed out due to too much external stimulus it usually means there is too much stress on the sympathetic system.

REST Therapy helps to quickly pacify this response and trains you to keep it in balance throughout the day.

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