Community Post: Notre Dame Commit Flushes Alabama Letter Down The Toilet

Let’s just think back to Monday, January 7th 2013. A day that Notre Dame fans across the nation woke up to with elation. Finally, after years of disappointing seasons, the Domers of South Bend woke up drunk, in Miami, and number 1.

They had their punny t-shits made.

Lol, get it? ‘Cause Bama fans are incestuous! Bold ND, very bold.

They brought their witty signs.

(Parietals are those things that keep Domers celibate…just an FYI)

You know…that beloved movie to all Notre Dame fans about the little engine who could…or something like that starring Samwise Gamgee of the Shire.

To which Alabama came prepared…those bastards.

Regardless, Notre Dame was ready.

And then this happened…

Remember when A.J. McCarron’s hot girlfriend got more air time than the actual game?

Yea…well they do.

So now, after trying to drown their sorrows until next season, the Notre Dame fans finally have something again to laugh about. A video leaked of Notre Dame commit Elijah Hood flushing Alabama recruiting letters down the toilet.

Little victories my Domer friends, little victories.

Your move Saban.

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