The $6million Bicycle? (Weird)

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On the following page you are going to be hearing about
a guy who recently just came off a “crowdfunding”
campaign that brought in $110k in the first 24 hours
and then a further $500k+ in the following 30 days.

>>> Dream Machines

Now, you may have heard about Crowdfunding

You have probably seen stuff about it in the news.

But this is a little different.

See, there is a perception that crowdfunding is about
“inventions” …people trying to raise money (and therefore
make money) with complex outer-planetary patent-pending

But as I learned today, in most cases, inventions are NOT
actually where “the REAL money” is.

FAR from it in fact.

We are talking about really simple products here, put up
by non-techie everyday people like you and me, who are
subsequently making fortunes.

This is PROVEN by example #2 in the video:
“The $6 Million Bicycle”

Intrigued? Find out more here:

>>> Dream Machines

Oh, and once you are registered, you’re going to have
a FUN little assignment to do 🙂

Go there now:

>>> Dream Machines

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