‘Nekci Menij Show’ Parodies Pop Stars With Crude Animations

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“The Nekci Menij Show,” a sharp parody of pop music, began in Microsoft Paint and depicts today’s biggest pop stars as crudely drawn ducks and blobs.

The YouTube series has earned a devoted following and spawned a multi-tiered web presence, including a stable of intricate parody Twitter accounts. The series is a biting, yet adoring look at female entertainers such as Madonna (Medoner), Lady Gaga (Gags), Katy Perry (Kety Purr) and Nicki Minaj (Nekci Menij).

While inspired by “The Uncle Dolan Show,” “The Nekci Menij Show” has evolved into its own self-contained universe. Characters are extremely self-referential and love to trash talk their competition.

In this episode of the YouTube series, Ke@$h£r’s throws a house party for the other characters. The rest of the 10 episodes follow. (Disclaimer: The videos feature language and content that may be offensive to some.)

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