Community Post: 11 Totally Righteous Animated 70’s And 80’s Full Length Movies You Can Watch On YouTube

1. Wizards

Who doesn’t remember this Ralph Bakshi classic? Um ya…kind of creepy.

2. Thundercats – The Movie

Don’t remember Wizards? How about this feline frenzy?

3. Transformers – The Movie

Loving that super 80’s opening theme.

4. He-Man & She-Ra – The Movie

Princess Adora and Prince Adam could teach us a thing about a good costume change? Also those cartoon SFX…radical.

5. The Phantom Tollbooth

This movie could also be pitched as Milo’s Psychedelic Acid Trip.

6. Fire and Ice

I don’t what my parents were thinking just because its animated does not make it a children’s movie. Boobalicious.

7. The Care Bears

The girls always insisted renting this cute yet terrifying film.

8. Little Nemo Adventures In Slumberland

If the Phantom Tollbooth wasn’t trippy enough for you, try this Slumberland adventure.

9. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Thats one scary bitch…I mean witch.

10. Fritz the Cat

And then there’s Fritz the Cat, the most NSFW, inappropriate cartoon ever penned, from murder, sex, STD’s, cults, nuclear bombs, alcohol, drugs, orgies, nudity, bestiality…pretty much everything you can think of thats naughty is in this cartoon

11. American Pop

And finally…let’s not forget this incredible American Pop Music animated retrospective. Ralph Bakshi you were a genius

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