Community Post: 7 Reasons To Love OUAT In Wonderland

7. The OUAT Connection

Wonderland has all of the elements that make OUAT such an amazing show, including quirky character combos, twists on the Disney classics, and magical portals connecting worlds. But Wonderland benefits from having fewer fairy tales in its mix than its older sibling, allowing for tighter storytelling and more screen time for the core characters.

6. The Retelling of a Classic

If you are a fan of Lewis Carroll, it is great fun watching the writers adapt the literary classic into this latest re-imagining of Alice’s adventures. The obvious elements — the Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, and White Rabbit — are all there, but so are more obscure references, such as the Mimsy Meadows and the Bandersnatch.

5. The Flashbacks

Using the tried-and-true LOST formula, the main characters’ backgrounds are fleshed out, revealing fascinating connections and unexpected histories. The Caterpillar is a Jabba the Hutt-esque mobster in control of the Wonderland underground? Love it. Alice’s Knave of Hearts is also Robin Hood’s Will Scarlet? Bloody brilliant.

4. The Guest Stars

The show is energized by recurring guest stars including John Lithgow, Zuleikha Robinson, Iggy Pop, and Whoopi Goldberg. Barbara Hershey is rumored to be coming back as Cora (woot!) in the second half of the season. One can only hope that Sebastian Stan will someday resume his OUAT role in Wonderland.

3. The Eye Candy

Working all day with Michael Socha (Knave) and Peter Gadiot (Cyrus)? All we can say is Sophie Lowe (Alice) is one lucky girl!

2. The Red Queen, darling

Emma Rigby is mesmerizing in her sultry portrayal of this conflicted character. Long live the queen! (And her evil machinations!)

1. The Villains

What’s better than the Red Queen? The Red Queen AND Jafar, teaming up together. Wonderland is deliciously entertaining because of this complex alliance. While OUAT tries to make redemptive heroes out of the Evil Queen, Captain Hook, and Rumplestiltskin this season (boring!), Wonderland embraces the evil and allows its villains free reign to wreak havoc.

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