NBA Rookie’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” Duet Is Preposterously, Ridiculously Good

1. Victor Oladipo is a rookie for the Orlando Magic. He was the second pick in this year’s draft; he’s a pretty talented basketball player.

Joshua C. Cruey / Orlando Sentinel / MCT

2. And he’s also, it turns out, a great singer? Check out this video of Oladipo, who went to Indiana, and IU softball player Shelby Gogreve completely and totally nailing “Ain’t No Sunshine” at a fundraiser.

3. What is even happening?!? Why are these two physically gifted, attractive random Indiana athletes the greatest soul duet partners in America?

Gogreve is a senior infielder.

4. Shelby Gogreve and Victor Oladipo should possibly be unilaterally named co-Presidents of the United States. This is all too much. I have to go lie down.

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