Paul McCartney Popped Up For A Pop-Up Show In London Today

3. Just after 1.30pm, Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame played an impromptu show on the Piazza.

Getty / Rob Ball

We say impromptu, there will have been a lot of planning gone into it but you know what we mean.

4. He said:

We’re just gonna do as few songs from our new album, so get your phones out. As if they weren’t already.

5. So everybody did.

6. And then he did exactly that.

Getty / Rob Ball

Macca played “New”, “Save Us”, “Everybody Out There” and new single “Queenie Eye” from the new record “New”. His finest work in years was produced by young guns Mark Ronson and Ethan Johns. “Busking,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to busk here.”

7. Then he said:

Things have changed since the ’60s. We’d have been coming in from the clubs round about now, never mind having to get up and sing.

8. And then, because he hadn’t rehearsed enough tracks, he did “New” again.

Getty/ Rob Ball

9. Here is “Queenie Eye”.

10. And here is the second performance of “New”.

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