This British Skydiver Completed His 100th Jump Completely Naked For A Good Cause

1. In October, British skydiver Dan Cope promised that if he raised enough money for Donna Louise Children’s Hospice he would complete a very special 100th dive.

2. And by special, we mean completely naked.

3. The original goal was a modest £500.

4. He ended up raising over £2,000 with donations from Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

5. So, on November 30th this brave lad kept his promise…

Courtesy of Dan Cope

6. … diving from 10,000 feet with temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

7. As agreed upon, he wore only his birthday suit.

Plus a harness, because, you know, skydiving safety and such.

8. Dan said of his 10,000 feet skinny-dip session in the sky:

We were blessed with a lovely day, and I can actually say I think it was the best day of my life, knowing that a fantastic charity is going to benefit so much. The dive itself felt epic, words can’t explain the feeling! When I pulled my canopy open I was fortunate that the straps didn’t cause any permanent damage and I’m glad I managed to successfully land on my feet, saving me the embarrassment of grass stains on my bum!

9. So graceful.

10. So majestic.

11. So. Very. Naked.


12. Afterwards, Dan was welcomed into a special club for people who jump out of planes totally naked.

That’s right — there is a secret society of naked skydivers. Jeff Dawson of SANS said, “Our hats (and most other things) are off to him.”

13. The money raised will be used for a new playground at the Hospice, specially adapted for their needs.

14. But, just because Dan plummeted to Earth with his man-bits everywhere doesn’t mean the donations should stop.

15. Overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, Dan encourages everyone to continue to donate.

“I want to thank everyone who has made such generous donations. I know times are hard, but it just goes to show how truly remarkable friends and family and complete strangers from around the globe can be. I’m hoping this has played a part in getting The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice name out there in the public eye, so people more aware of the life changing support they give 1000s of children and their families each and every year.”

16. Thank you Dan, for inspiring the world with your naked body and good heart.

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