This Wedding Video Of Harry Judd’s First Dance Is Exceptionally Sweet

1. McFly’s Harry Judd married longterm love Izzy last year.

Harry Judd/Twitter

2. Not long after he won Strictly Come Dancing.

3. And now he’s uploaded a video of their first dance.

5. They start off with a cute matching side step.

6. Before Izzy spins around and kneels down in front of her Strictly king.

7. They chuck in a bit of ballroom.

8. And make us feel utterly inferior with their moves.

9. Then they spin around and spread their happiness around the room.

10. And Harry picks up his wife and makes her a bit more dizzy.

11. Before he gets his own turn.

12. Then they spin around some more.

13. Which turns into this stepping manoeuvre.

14. And then they end with this perfect kiss. And we wish we were Harry and Izzy.

15. Watch the full video here.

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