Guy Scares The Sh*t Out Of His Mom With A Stuffed Fake Dog (Video)

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When YouTuber Jomboy Videos brought home a giant stuffed dog for his little brother’s birthday, he quickly learned that his mom really disliked the toy.

Doing what any mischievous son would do, he decided to use this discovery to his advantage and launched a one-sided prank war against his unsuspecting mother.

He placed the faux German Shepherd in random areas around the house in an effort to surprise — and scare — his mom.

It totally worked: Each time she stumbled upon the oversized toy, the poor, frightened mother would scream, completely startled.

As she left the room, he’d move it to a new spot, only to scare her again minutes later.

I don’t know what’s funnier, Mom’s consistently shocked reaction or the hysterical giggle her son lets out each time his prank proves successful.

The proud jokester uploaded a video of the prank to YouTube, boasting that he managed to scare his mother “about five times within three minutes.”

Though we feel a little bad for his poor mom, the video is too funny not to watch — so check it out up top.

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