Community Post: We Love You, Chris Columbus.

1. Each year, there’s a holiday for this guy.

2. Well, we ask, what about this guy?

Rex Features

3. Yeah, we know, you probably get that a lot.

4. After all, you wrote the script for that movie we loved.

5. And then that other one.

6. Hell yeah, you did.

7. Soon came your directing debut, Adventures In Babysitting.

Some people may have expressed apprehension.

8. You were way ahead of the Thor curve. And ahead of the Vincent D’Onofrio curve.

And, needless to say, ahead of the Vincent D’Onofrio-as-Thor curve.

9. Then you kicked off the ’90s with an instant classic.

10. Hell yeah, you did.

11. Oh, but you were just getting started, weren’t you?

Sly devil.

13. We know.

14. We admit, you surprised us.

Maybe even scared us a little.

15. Maybe you surprised yourself. Maybe, for a moment, your success got the best of you.

Well, they can’t all be winners.

16. But were we worried?


18. No, sir.

Peter Mountain, Warner Bros.

19. Not a chance.

20. Now, we’re not saying you’re perfect.

21. And there will always be those moments of uncertainty.

22. But we’ve been over this.

23. Once again, folks. This guy.

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