9 Words That Genuinely Might Be Added To The Oxford English Dictionary

1. Bacne.

Acne on your back.

2. Legsie.


A selfie, but of your legs.

3. Hatewatch.

Watching a TV show you hate and then bitching about it.

4. Dosant.

A cross between a doughnut and a croissant.

5. Phubbing.

Snubbing someone by looking at your phone.

6. Nocialising.

Phubbing, but in groups.

7. Appisode.

A TV show, but on your smartphone.

8. Meme.

As a verb, not a noun. A cultural idea that passes from person to person.

9. Lolarious.

Hilarious, but with additional laughter.

Watch Senior Editor Fiona McPherson talk about it.

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