Community Post: A Ranking Of The Best Jonas Brothers Music Videos


I’m sorry there new stuff just isn’t doing it for me


I do love the way that Nick is wearing his shades in this song, but Joe just isn’t looking his best


I love love love this song. I could listen to it all day as a youth and think about how Nick Jonas would meet me and we would fall in love, but the music video just isn’t their best work.


LOL This Song! It’s so great to look back at and think about the good old days.


Joe and Kevin what are you doing with your hair?


Man those boys knew how to look good playing a guitar. Also that portal reminds me a lot of once upon a time in wonderland.


Nick Jonas will you marry me? They really should have multiplied Nick in this video.


Literally swoon. There are very few music videos that will be this good. Chills. But actually, Nick’s glasses, you make me speechless.


Joe has a mustache.

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