Community Post: 7 K-Pop Collaborations That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Wonder Girls ft. Akon, “Like Money”

Akon’s advice? “Stop listening to your friends, they just want your man”. Thanks, Akon. Thanks.

2. GD&TOP ft. Diplo, “Knock Out”

Diplo gets a shoutout at 2:39.

3. Xia Junsu ft. Quincy, “Incredible”

Not sure what a spaceship candy is either.

4. JYJ ft. Kanye West, “Ayyy Girl”

For effort you get an AYYYYYY.

5. SNSD ft. Snoop Dogg, “The Boys”

Before there was Snoop Lion.

6. Pixie Lott ft. GD&TOP, “Dancing On My Own”

This. Counts.

7. F(x) ft. Anna Kendrick

Probably the best one.

*Bonus Collab* G-Dragon ft. Missy Elliott

Both are set to perform at KCON 2013 in LA. Maybe even together for the first time.

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