Samsung Galaxy S8 Price – How much will it cost?

We can only guess at the Galaxy S8 price at this stage. To help, here’s a look-back at recent Galaxy phone mark-ups. There is a latest rumor is that the a news website has said that there will be three models have been releasing in the upcoming year. It’s completely rumor.

They said that the Apple will release three iPhone models in next year apart from two. These all series will be named as iPhone 8s and will have the different display size. All of us know that the apple makes the smartphone with the display size of 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch screen sizes. These all phones will retain and there will be a drop of 5-inch device from them. These all three phones have glass casings and apart from that the high price mobile will have the OLED display.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price and Features:

You might know that the Galaxy Edge series are 5% and 10% more costlier than normal series. Now you can check the price of the phones Galaxy S7 and S6 then looking at this you can predict the Galaxy S8 price. Then the Galaxy S8 price will be about £599 then Galaxy S8 edge phones is going to cost about £600 and more.

Previous Samsung Galaxy Models Price:

Galaxy S7 – £569

Galaxy S6 – £599

Galaxy S7 Edge – £639

Galaxy S6 Edge – £695

Here we need to wait until the will be released. These two phones may have the same predicted amount or there may be varies in the amount.

Actually those all sales are included the previous version of iPhone 7s which will be size of at 4.7 and 5.5 inches. There was a new report says that Apple will increase its yearly iPhone upgrade with three new models which have released in 2017. There is an even big rumor that the Samsung will be producing and supplying the necessary OLED panels for the 5.8-inch iPhone8. They have said they will supply over 20 million units per month because they are also planning to have the OLED display in their devices.

The only news that we can believe is the news that comes from the Korean’s Choice where they will reveal about the price of the phone. Report on the details made by Goldman Sachs which is the leading financial institution said that Samsung Galaxy might increase the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 because of the components that it used in the smartphone.

There is lots of expectation on the material prices rate where it can be increased in Samsung Galaxy S8. You might know about Samsung Galaxy S7 which used the 15-20% less material compared to S8. Now considering these things we can sya the price of the phone will be hiked on the bases of raw materials.

So, finally we have the price of the phones. This upcoming samsung galaxy note 8, iPhone may cost higher than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which start at £599 and £719.

There will be no guarantee whether the prices of the phone increases or not. So, we need to wait that the upcoming phone will have reasonable price or not. It’s good to have competitive price considering the features and specifications of the phone. Even the price of the phone defends upon the previous series too.

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