Pop And Soap Stars Back Campaign To Stop Abusive Teenage Relationships

This Is Abuse is a multi-million pound Home Office campaign to highlight abuse in teenage relationships.

Via thisisabuse.direct.gov.uk

It concentrates on the different ways abuse can happen in relationships.

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The videos show how young girls can be pressured into having sex by their partners.

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And they show how difficult it can be for others to spot an abusive relationship.

Via youtube.com

The campaign has been running for three years and now some stars have signed up, including Union J…


During tonight’s episode of Hollyoaks an advert will air focussing on the abuse suffered by the character Maxine, played by Nikki Sanderson.

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Home Office minister Norman Baker told ITV:

We know that about one in three girls and one in six boys gets some sort of sexual or physical abuse. It is very important we stamp this out before it becomes an adult activity.

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