Crazy Russian Teens Casually Jump From One Electric Train To Another (Video)

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Taking risks is a hallmark of the teenage boy’s existence.

And for adrenaline junkies, taking risks is their existence. They live to chase the thrill of the adrenaline high. So if you pair that thrill-seeking behavior with a teenage boy’s fearlessness, you can expect to see some pretty crazy stunts.

Case in point: This insane video of a group of teen boys train surfing.

In it, a few Russian teens ride the top of high-speed electric-powered trains, jumping from car to car as they barrel down the tracks.

Not only do they risk falling to their deaths, but they also risk getting electrocuted by the 25,000-volt electrical lines that power the JSC Russian Railways.

I’d like to think this sort of thing is beyond the normal limits of risk-taking, but then again, it’s not the first time we’ve seen daredevil teens play Russian Roulette with their lives.

I’m just glad that, despite their insanely dangerous stunt, the kids remained safe.

If you can handle the stress (this is a serious nail-biter), check out the crazy footage up top.

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