Guy Turns $35 Investment Into $2 Million By Playing Fantasy Football

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This one belongs in the ROI Hall of Fame.

In just his first year of competition, NFL fan Scott Hanson captured the FanDuel World Fantasy Football Championship title, earning a whopping $2 million in the process.

The feat was not only impressive because Hanson was a rookie. Hanson only made a total deposit of $35 at the start of the season and turned that investment into an insane, seven-figure profit.

Hanson, to say the least, was happy with his winnings. He said,

Being crowned the FanDuel World Fantasy Football Champion is a dream come true. Thanks to FanDuel for this incredible opportunity.

The $2 million prize was the largest awarded in fantasy sports history, proving once again making serious money off fantasy sports is, somehow, not too good to be true.

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