Guy Hilariously Photoshops Himself Into Stock Images For Epic Results (Photos)

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Matthew VescovoMatthew Vescovo

Matthew Vescovo

The background of a photo shoot and timing of a picture are crucial elements when it comes to creating the perfect image.

However, these two factors are also the reason why some ordinary pictures turn into epic photobombs.

If one person knows the power of photobombing, it’s Matthew Vescovo.

After looking through endless amounts of stock photos as an advertising art director, Vescovo realized that these images all had something in common.

They seemed a bit unrealistic and appeared to be missing something.

This inspired him to create a photobombing visual series on Tumblr called The Stock Photobomber.

According to Vescovo,

Real people were doing real things we all do, but in the end it didn’t feel real. So in an attempt to inject some reality into these photos, I did the only thing I could think of, I injected myself by photobombing the crap out of them.

By placing himself in the background of boring stock images, Vescovo brings a dose of the real world into these seemingly staged pictures, and the results are nothing short of hilarious.

To see some of Vescovo’s awesome photobombs, check out the images below.

It’s a perfect portrait with the grandparents.

33 44

Pay no attention to the guy behind you.

11 Young couple sitting on bed and kissingYoung couple sitting on bed and kissing

That deodorant smells heavenly.

55 TET-TI0304895TET-TI0304895

He’s just tagging along on a romantic walk.

77 Italy, Venice, Mature couple kissing on bridgeItaly, Venice, Mature couple kissing on bridge

It’s time to clean all those cobwebs off grandpa.

99 1010

Sometimes you just need a little more than coffee to get through the day.

1111 1212

He’ll never find me in this hiding spot.

1313 MOO-35180091MOO-35180091

Nothing says creepy like crashing a kid’s party.

1515 Family celebrating daughter's birthdayFamily celebrating daughter's birthday

This is going to hurt.

1717 ARQ-4850200013ARQ-4850200013

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