13 Hilarious Images To Help You See Just How Silly Stereotypes Really Are

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This meme is called “Ordinary Muslim Man.” It’s best enjoyed by scrolling down slowly.

I like how it reveals a prejudice … and then makes you laugh. I know, I know, not all Muslims are this way or that way. True. But how do you *expect* them to be?

Just to be clear, these are just here to make you think. So check your expectations at the metaphorical door.

The Ordinary Muslim Man ….

1. … is a feminist who supports girls’ education.

2. … loves him some marriage equality.

3. … throws some shade at biased insurance policies. Looking at you, Hobby Lobby.

4. … is so over religious intolerance.

5. … has some thoughts about America’s energy policy.

6. … supports working women!

7. … volunteers his time for worthy causes affecting today’s youth.

8. … again with the energy. We get it dude! It’s a big deal!

9. … pays close attention to the USA’s fiscal policies and their impact on the overall economy.

10. … loves organic cooking, nutrition, and healthy fats!

11. … supports taxpayer-funded city infrastructure initiatives.

12. … might have had a child who fought for the U.S. military overseas.

13. …. loves oldies!

…especially the Ritchie Valens classic, “La Bamba”!

No one likes to be stereotyped, and nothing good ever comes of it. So yeah, let’s not assume horrible things about each other, huh?

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