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Nonduality: Awakening to the Embodiment of Enlightenment - eBook - Conscious FlexClick Image To Visit SiteLife breathes in and out – this is the natural movement of life itself. When we feel paralyzed, worried, fearful, sad, depressed, hurt, grief-stricken, frustrated, annoyed, angry, stuck, lost, anxious, nervous, etc., let it in, allow it the space to flow into you and to become one with you. Relax into it, feel it within your innermost core. Merge with what is by breathing in the energy of it. Then… give it a voice, move with it, flow with it, allow it complete control over your body so it can play itself out. Let it exhaust itself completely by utterly letting it out. By naturally and organically releasing the energy through the body in an outward direction, you are dissipating and dissolving it, you’re fading the energy out. Life is a constant movement of ins and outs – just like breathing. Any other movement only adds to the energy of its momentum, bottling the energy up. It’s the resistance to anything presently arising that causes the energy to linger and repeat, building upon previous and past energy. In other words, pushing up against the energy, running away from it, covering it up, hiding from it, becoming numb to it, manipulating the energy, attempting to convert it into happy feelings, trying to keep it separate from you, etc., causes excessive pain and unnecessary suffering. Read more…

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