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Alan Ames Ministry - TOUCH OF HEAVENClick Image To Visit SiteAlan Ames was born in London in 1953. In his youth, he was a member of a motorcycle-gang, he went along a path full of violence and alcohol. After his marriage, he moved to Australia with his family. The turning point of his life happened in 1993 when Alan saw his past life displayed before him and experienced how his sins and wrong ways had hurt God. He saw how Jesus offered him forgiveness from the cross. After some struggles, Alan accepted the forgiveness offered by Jesus. The Lord helped Alan to come back to the sacraments and to the Church and changed Alan’s hatred and pain into love. Later, God called Alan to be one of His witnesses, sent to carry God’s love into the world. Alan has brought hope and blessing to hundreds of thousands of people the hope and blessing which he himself draws from his sacramental relationship of love with the Trinitarian God.

Ever since 1994, Alan has been travelling all continents to witness how God lifted him from misery and hopelessness into a life full of joy and freedom. Alan has the gift of healing. After his talks, he would pray over each of those present (by laying on of hands). Alan has other gifts of the Holy Spirit as well (words of knowledge etc.). These gifts have been documented by priests and bishops all over the world. Alan’s ministry enjoys the explicit permission and support of his archbishop Barry Hickey (Catholic Diocese of Perth, Australia). Highlights of Alan’s ministry were his talks during World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto (a papal event) as well as speaking in some of the holiest sites of Christianity in 2004 in the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, in St. Catherine’s Church of Bethlehem and St. Saviour… Read more…

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