52 Model Questions for Bible Teaching

52 Model Questions for Bible TeachingClick Image To Visit SiteAny Bible teacher can use these real-world tested questions to turbo-charge Bible study ministry – no matter how much or little previous teaching experience you have!

Great Bible Teachers ask great questions from the Word, about the Word, and for the glory of Jesus. I’ve surveyed thousands of Bible teachers and everyone agrees that great questions are at the heart of interactive Bible study. But it’s not easy to ask great questions, consistently, that will help people to learn!

Bible teachers like you need a toolkit of questions that are re-usable, portable, can go-anywhere on the planet, and support teaching to any group about any passage of Scripture.

All ages from elementary through adults Groups sizes from 1-on-1 to 1-on-500 Seekers, new believers right up through spiritual mature believers Any format of Bible teaching, even if it’s not on Sunday morning Any Christian denomination Any size church Any country in the world

With 52 Model Bible Questions and your Bible, you can confidently teach lesson after lesson, year after year, and see the power of great questions create changed lives. You don’t need a seminary degree to use them well. You won’t need to buy a new study guide every time you want to move to a different book of the Bible or topic.

Tips from my experiences of using the question, so you can avoid pitfalls or be ready to take advantage of new opportunities the question is going to create.

In short, this information that makes it almost ridiculously easy to include great questions in your teaching ministry. You benefit from the hard work of others!

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