2012 Survival Guide – All you need and more!

2012 Survival Guide - All you need and more!Click Image To Visit SiteOnce you’ve realized that people are going to attempt breaking into your house, gather the family all together and move to an area preferably in the basement. Hopefully your basement will still be functional and you’ll be able to move around in the dark. A furnace or boiler room, under the stairs or in a small cubby is ideal. Make sure the children and seniors are hidden firsts, and the adults can hide somewhere else if there is no more room. Even though you should not approach the looters directly, it is advised to bring some sort of physical weapon with you in the case that you are found and confronted with a weapon yourself. For the most part, looters are simply there to try and take your supplies – so ensure that everyone in your family is very quiet and abides by your every move.

You cannot part with things like medical supplies and prescribed medication for your loved ones. Have them in an easy access location that you can simply gather up and take with you. Even if you need to ensure the safety of your family, there will be nothing you can do after they take all of your medical supplies in the case of an emergency. This is why it’s always advised to have two separate stockpiles of food – one that your family readily uses out ion the open and one that can be tucked away and hidden in a place only you would think of looking. Behind a panel in the wall or tucked away under bins of old family clothes or possessions will be great places to consider. In the end, these types of situations are all about finding a space for your family.

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