Family Syncs Elaborate Christmas Lights Display To ‘Let It Go’ (Video)

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For those who celebrate Christmas, decorating the home is a common tradition; trees decked with sparkling lights and glittering ornaments are the foremost symbol of the holiday.

Some, however, like to go all out with their decorations, turning their homes into twinkling, frosted visual attractions.

Take, for instance, the Storms family: To celebrate Christmas, they turned their Austin, TX, home into a blinding light display inspired by the ever-popular Disney flick, “Frozen.”

With the movie’s hit song “Let It Go” playing in the background, the decorations flash to the music, creating a beautiful show that is sure to be the delight of all the neighborhood’s children.

Judging by this display, I have a feeling the Storms family is probably pretty excited about the upcoming “Frozen” sequel.

Who knows? Maybe that’ll be the theme of their display next year.

Check out the “Let It Go” lights in the video up top. (Tip for those of you who are as sick of the song as I am: Press mute.)

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