12 Months Personal Forecast

12 Months Personal ForecastClick Image To Visit SiteHello … what if you could know in advance about all the good things in your life that were just around the corner, receive invaluable advice and an appraisal of your current situation all with such pin-point accuracy it scares you – just like Emily …

And just imagine how smooth your journey to success will be when you deploy the advantage of knowing the likely outcomes before you make important career decisions – just like Lili …

It helps me to make the right decisions in life and I feel much calmer and relaxed about life in general.

… because all these good people are able to face life with far greater confidence and insight because they all have their very own, powerful personalized, 12 month horoscope …

Hi … my name is Alex Tomlinson and I was once where you probably now; worried about what the future might hold and eager to know in advance what to expect.

the planets and, in particular, the influence the moon has on me and my energy levels and moods. And this lead me on to study astrology quite extensively.

And, in pursuing my interest in astrology I’ve been privileged to meet face to face with some very clever practitioners of the science.

And it is these connections that empower me to produce what one delighted client calls my ‘scarily accurate’ forecasts.

and Benjamin Franklin all trusted astrology and many of the significant dates in the US government calendar were chosen on an astrological basis.

US President, Ronald Regan was a very famous user of astrology, even to the extent of having his calendar color-coded to show good and bad days.

presidents and famous scientists, because I stand ready to create your very own personalized reading covering all the aspects of your life for the next year… Read more…

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