The Secret of Anubis

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The Secret of AnubisClick Image To Visit SiteIn the land of ancient Egypt, there existed a knowledge that went beyound any explanation, and still to this day it remains unexplained…

Most people will begin to talk about the Pyramids as the only mystery, as if it was the only secret to uncover… But that is fare from the truth, the truth is even more mysterious and unknown to us today, than ever thought before.

The Secret of Anubis is a journey into ancient Egypt and their spiritual belief which lies among the Stars and Constellations. This eBook clearly shows you, how the basic to their belief system was rooted in the universe itself.

Members will get exclusive information, so there really is No reason to miss this free opportunity to learn more about ancient Egyptian Astronomy.

WARNING: This is Not for everyone, it is only for those seeking the truth, This is Truly what is Not mentioned on TV nor in most other books about ancient Egypt, which I have always found rather peculiar, because the ancient Egyptian believed so much in them, and mentions them everywhere they could. But indeed it was a secret language hidden underneath the symbols, and only few understood it.

In short I take you deep into the realms of their ancient thoughts, clearly illustrating what it was to them, and how it was incorporated into their system of belief in a cunning discreet manner. Read more…

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