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Read this fascinating INTERVIEW with Julian Lee on astrocartography maps, Jim Lewis, and the Locational Astrology Revolution

Julian Lee, Relocational Astrologer This is the one professional astrologers hire when they are thinking of a move.

Julian’s clients have included professional astrologers, and he has taught his system to other locational astrologers. Relocational astrology can benefit you greatly by finding you a more prosperous living-place for your goals. Many have found Julian Lee’s analysis of their current location to be more accurate and specific than other locational readings. He will bring up the critical factors missed by other techniques.

A move will change your life in powerful ways. It’s a good investment to get the opinion of one of today’s most reliable locational consultants, a true specialist.

It’s always better to call rather than email. Even if you only want to inquire, feel free to call me. There is no obligation. If you leave a message I will call you back as soon as I can, and answer questions you might have. I normally get calls returned in 2-10 days. If you are an existing client and need to talk to me about something, always phone if you want an answer. I try to respond to emails when I can, but they take second place to phone messages. My response to emails can be very slow! Calls take priority! My phone number is: 801-901-3511.

ON PAYMENT: I am paid by personal check, in U.S. funds. I can also be paid with cashier’s checks, money orders, etc. in U.S. funds. I will give you the address when we talk by phone. Please do not attempt to pay by wire transfer, by… Read more…

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