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Past Life Ebooks teach you to conduct past life regression -Click Image To Visit SiteI know from my own experiences that we all have lived past lives. And what happens in them can affect our current and future ones.

My current life was a struggle. Something was always sabotaging my efforts at attaining goals and desires. As I worked harder to get them the harder they were to obtain.

It seemed like I had the Devil in me punishing me for reasons I couldn’t figure out. And 18 years of therapy with Psychologists didn’t help.

As I grew older it seemed more and more that something was putting a grip around me, squeezing me tighter and tighter keeping me from being the person I knew I could have been.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to the topic of past lives and worked to resolve unfinished business from previous lives that my current life finally improved. That was all the proof I needed to know — not believe — that our Spirit lives many lives…an infinite number of them.

Because of that, I’ve found my calling, my life’s purpose…helping others resolve the “Living Hell On Earth” that I went through. And that’s what I want to do for you.

It will show you all that I had to go through to end my struggles.  And even if your story is completely different from mine, you’ll have to go through the same steps to free yourself.

As a Certified Past Life Therapist I prefer to teach people how to perform PLR for themselves for many reasons:

So I’ve put together this e-book I think will help you in this endeavor. Here is some of what’s covered:

Here’s what others say about this e-book (testimonials are used with the people’s permission and are… Read more…

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