Ministry Letters – Church Letters and Welcomes for Ministries

Ministry Letters - Church Letters and Welcomes for MinistriesClick Image To Visit SiteAre you in Christian Leadership and in need of just the right letter to use for the various key moments that come up during the week?  

The value of a well written letter is tremendous.  It can provide a church member or adherent with a greater sense of value as they realize they are appreciated and recognized.

Your letters have been a great help to our ministry. You’re right, thinking and thinking of what to say can wear you down … so your letters have been a great help.

I plan to download your new addition of the letters.  Thank you for being faithful to helping so many that are in the ministry.

  “I was able to download your letters and have used three “missing you” letters already.  I’m a Deacon here at 1st Baptist Church so in that capacity I plan on putting your letter examples to good use. I really feel a conviction here lately to become more in touch with our church family so I believe the Spirit led me to you.  Of course all the glory to God, but I did want you to know how much I appreciate your letters.”

Praise the Lord and greetings from New York City! I just received your Ministry Letters CD, and before I opened the envelope, I wondered who could be sending me mail from PA. Then when your name registered, and a great big smile came across my face. Please know that also I appreciate your sensitivity toward my financial circumstances.

In the meantime, ever since downloading Version 1.5, my fingers have hit the ground-or better yet-the keyboard, running. The great quality letters that I am able to generate as a result of your samples are beginning to spoil my pastor. He doesn’t… Read more…

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