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BooksClick Image To Visit SiteVeritas vos Liberabit …"The truth will set you free." Find your personal truth in the pages of MASTER~Pieces and set yourself free! MASTER~Pieces is a collection of the words and transmissions from Sri Babaji Nagaraj, certain Ascended Masters and others, given freely to humanity to assist each of us in finding our destined path in this wondrous adventure we call life as we travel toward the brilliance of Ascension. Relax…let your intuition take over…allow the words to flow gently over your soul…and…miraculously, you will discover the messages that MASTER~Pieces holds just for you.

MASTERPieces–ebook. When payment is received, you will be provided with a link to download your copy. Thanks and Blessings to you

We are in school… the school of Earth, the school of Life. I am one of the students here. One of my greatest joys is learning, in sometimes mystical, sometimes mysterious, but always fascinating ways, the miracle I AM (and, OM course, you are!). Walk with us. Share with us the joys of receiving!

The intent of this book is to assemble a number of small essays and notes of wisdom from the Masters. MASTER-Pieces came to mind, and a book was born. There is little theory in these pages and all that we write comes from experience. In looking back on my own life, thinking of all the "experience" I have gained, I must say I have apparently been a pretty hard-headed person! I used to say to myself something like, "I guess I need to get dropped on my head to learn this lesson!" About five years ago, a very dear friend, Anne Lary, a Master whose Sacred Name became Swami Bijananda, said something to me that helped awaken me. She mentioned that I… Read more…

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