Triple H Breaks Character To Stop Kid From Crying At WWE Raw (Photos)

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“Monday Night Raw” was too poppin’ this week.

In the big reunion special, we saw the return of legends like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels.

The NWO came back with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac.

Hell, even the New Age Outlaws and the APA made a comeback in what was one of the best episodes in a long while.

Oh yeah, and who can forget Sting?!

But, one of the more low-key and refreshing moments of the night came when the cameras weren’t rolling.

WWE COO and legend Triple H was sitting ringside during the main event when he consoled a crying young boy.



The totally candid, off-camera moment reminds us exactly what wrestling is all about: the kids.

Sure, it’s weird to see Hunter in a suit and not yelling, “suck it” everywhere, but he’s just evolved with the business.

And plus, he’s a father now!


After defeating Seth Rollins and Big Show & Kane, John Cena jumped straight into the crowd and embraced a young fan in a moment the little man won’t forget for the rest of his life.


When I was a kid, The Rock and Shane McMahon came up my aisle during a street fight, and let’s just say my perspective on things hasn’t been the same since!

This isn’t the Attitude Era anymore, and while it’s still hard for the diehard fans to accept, this PG audience is what’s valued the most today.

To quote the late and great A$AP Yams,

When you stop having fun out here and stop enjoying things like you did when you were a kid, your life gets boring. I’m going to watch wrestling forever.

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