Woman Finds Out She’s Pregnant Day Before Her Husband’s Funeral

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Kristy Kirchner shares every raw emotion with her 4,000 YouTube followers, even the emotions that come with the sudden death of a beloved husband and an unexpected pregnancy.

Kirchner filmed videos for her channel, called ConceiveABaby, with her husband Royce, 35. Royce was killed on October 8 in a violent car accident.

A day before his funeral, Kirchner discovered she was pregnant with his child.

The baby, who will be named Pacey, is her constant companion on a rollercoaster ride of grief.

The Mount Archer, Australia couple had been trying to conceive for seven years. Kirchner and Royce saved for three years in order to afford their first round of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Kirchner now finds herself using a GoFundMe in order to have enough money to live.

She’d quit her job months earlier to focus on getting pregnant, and canceled Royce’s life insurance policy two weeks before his death.

Fortunately, Kirchner could depend on the fans she’d accumulated through the honesty of her YouTube channel.

In just 24 days, Kirchner raised $19,600 — just $400 shy of her goal.

She’s putting the money toward hefty mortgage payments and filling her gas tank each week.


Australian television program “A Current Affair” also picked up Kirchner’s devastating story and swooped in to renovate her home, which will soon double in size.


Plans are already in place to update the widow’s kitchen and water heater.


On her most difficult days, Kirchner takes solace in her belief that Royce knew of Pacey’s existence before his death.


In a video confessional, she revealed, “[Royce] was kissing my belly, he was already saying ‘I love you both.’”


Kirchner, who announced her pregnancy at Royce’s funeral, is slowly moving forward.


But, she’s not alone. Royce will never be forgotten.


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