Man Fakes Coma For 2 Years Just So He Doesn’t Have To Go To Court

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A UK man pretended to be a comatose quadriplegic for two years to avoid being prosecuted for a crime.

But 47-year-old Alan Knight’s scam was exposed when CCTV footage caught him driving his car and walking around a supermarket.

The married father of three stole the equivalent of $64,000 from an elderly neighbor’s bank account, money he used to pay for vacations and a car, according to Daily Mail.

Why he targeted the neighbor is unclear, but when police began to investigate the theft, Knight claimed he had snapped his neck while opening a garage door.

The Swansea, Wales, man checked himself into a hospital when he was summoned to court in September of 2012 and again in July of 2013.

Knight’s wife, 33, played along as well, taking photographs of herself caring for her husband as he was hooked up to oxygen.

Police found video of him moving around after tracking his supermarket card, confirming his mobility.

Doctors at the hospital also saw him eating, wiping his face and writing.

Detective Constable Harry Paul said,

In my entire career this is the most calculated, long-term deception of a vulnerable, elderly neighbor I have ever seen. He had constantly avoided court for two years, costing police, the NHS and the court system thousands of pounds.

Knight pleaded guilty to 19 counts of forgery, theft and fraud on Tuesday and will be sentenced next month.



via Daily Mail

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