Illustrations Of Pets Drawn Based On Their Personalities Are Perfect (Photos)

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Chris BeetowChris Beetow

Chris Beetow

As any pet owner knows, every animal has its own distinct personality, much like humans do.

Artist Chris Beetow set out to capture these unique character traits — their true selves — in his latest portrait series.

Beetow explains,

My goal is to capture the ‘inner’ pet in addition to their likeness. Instead of just focusing on what the critter looks like, I try to capture who they are — their quirks, their habits, and the side of them that only the owner sees.

Before starting on his paintings, Beetow asks the owners to describe the animal so he can get a sense of its personality.

Using that information, he then paints cartoon-esque portraits of the pet accompanied by visual signals meant to convey a sense of the animal’s personality.

The portraits are freakin’ adorable, and I’d imagine they’re incredibly meaningful for the pet owners.

An animal’s personality is what makes it so lovable, so to be able to capture its quirks is truly special and thoughtful.

This would make a wonderful gift for an animal lover this holiday season. Scroll below to see some examples of Beestow’s past work, and visit his website for for information if you’re interested in commissioning a portrait of ol’ Fido for yourself.

This is Frankie, a loving rescue pit bull.


Turbo is described as a cheerful chihuahua.


Echo’s big green eyes are her prettiest characteristic.


Ace’s owners describe him as a classy, yet aloof, pup.


Daisy the micro piglet is sweet as can be.


Ralph isn’t the brightest, but he sure is handsome.


Rubi is a pretty kitty who hates spiders.


This is Vivian, a meat-loving pooch.


Bella’s owners described her as “delicate.” I don’t see it.


This is a happy panda (who isn’t really anybody’s pet).


Grover is a happy mixed breed with the cutest ears ever.


Little Roxi is her owner’s sweet little pea.


Brooklyn is kind and adorably shaggy.


Meet Elliot, the sleepiest pup around.


This hungry tabby is Tilly, and she doesn’t care about your beauty standards.


Sunny is described as “smart,” although you wouldn’t know it from the portrait.


Leo’s owners call him the King of the house.


Little baby Sprite is a bundle of energy.


Beezer doesn’t care about anything besides his furry green toy.


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