Guy Sends His Family Hilariously Twisted Christmas Cards Every Year (Photos)

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Most Christmas cards are fairly generic productions: You have your kids stand in front of a Christmas-themed backdrop or some other picturesque setting wearing matching outfits or ugly sweaters and hope the smiles look authentic.

However, comic and photographer John Cessna has taken a fairly different approach to the yearly tradition after his mother exiled him from his family’s card.

He was told to stop drinking and show some responsibility by sending out his own, and he certainly obliged.

Cessna has been putting his own twist on Christmas cards since 2008, and while you may have come across some of his work in the past, you can view all his creations below along with this year’s installment (which may just be his best work yet, Christmas Fight Club notwithstanding).

2008: He’s had plenty of Christmas spirits.


2009: His present is a brutal hangover.


2010: He might be the one in need of a miracle.


2011: Everyone has his or her own special traditions.


2012: You don’t have to shake that to find out what it is.


2013: His halls just got decked.


2014: All Hail Santa.


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