Woman Gives Birth To First Baby Ever Born From A Womb Transplant

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A 36-year-old Swedish woman born without a uterus welcomed her first child, a healthy baby boy, in September.

British medical journal the Lancet published news of the first successful womb transplant after doctors at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg confirmed that both mother and child are healthy.

The woman was the recipient of a womb from a 61-year-old postmenopausal family friend.

The couple used in vitro fertilization to create 11 viable embryos, which were then frozen.

Once the womb had been implanted in the woman through a 10-hour surgery, doctors used immunosuppressants to prevent her body from rejecting the transplant.

When the womb was ready, medical staff implanted an embryo.

The mother, who had developed a life-threatening condition called preeclampsia from unknown causes, gave birth to her 4-pound son two months prematurely.

After a brief observation period, the child was declared healthy enough to leave the hospital.

The family has since returned to their home.

Doctors at the UK’s Womb Transplantation Team hope that transplants will become a viable option for women unable to conceive.

While the womb was taken from a living woman in this case, some doctors hope to harvest those of deceased patients. They say that uteri may become a standard part of the organ donation system.

The University of Gothenburg team says that their success was the result of over 10 years of study and animal trials.

Surgeon Liza Johannesson told press,

It gives hope to those women and men that thought they would never have a child, that thought they were out of hope.

This baby boy has no idea what a landmark medical victory he represents.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

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